Mild & Bitter Beer

English Bitter can be considered an “everyman’s” beer. It is a simple, consumer-friendly style that was betrayed by the name given it centuries ago, with the advent of Hop usage in the British Isles.

Bitter is a low gravity, highly attenuated pale ale that is carbonated without the aid of injecting carbon dioxide. It is traditionally drawn by hand pumps from wooden casks, rather than pushed with inert gasses from metal kegs. This “all natural” concept became the battleground on which the recent British beer revolution was fought.

Ordinary bitter is at the lowest end of the gravity scale, followed by special bitter and extra special bitter. All three sub-styles utilize the same basic ingredients, allowing for graduated increase in malt and corresponding hop ratios. Bitters run the colour spectrum from gold to polished copper. Hop bitterness ranges from subtle to aggressive, but always in appropriate balance with malt. Bitter has a higher than average alcohol content compared to other British beers.


  • 1.3kg NFP Superfine Malt
  • 500g Treacle Sugar
  • 300g Crystal Malt
  • 500g Glucose
  • 30g Halletau Hop Pellets
  • 20g Southern brewer Hop Pellets
  • 1 x Pilsner Alt Beer Yeast
  • 1 x Beer Yeast Nutrient
  • 1 x Brewing Salts
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 x Finings

Start S.G approximately 1038
Final S.G 1005

Take the crushed crystal malt place in a stocking & simmer on the stove for 30 minutes in 3-4 liters of water and then remove. Place your hops in a stocking & add to the crystal malt water simmer 10 minutes. Leaving the stocking in the water add the superfine malt, beer yeast nutrient, brewing salts, salt & simmer 15 minutes. Remove the hop stocking and squeeze thoroughly. Put the glucose in the brewing bucket, pour the wort into the brewing bucket & mix thoroughly with the wort. Fill up to 22 liters with cold tap water. Wait until temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius and take S.G reading. Add yeast and leave to ferment. When final S.G reading is reached boil finings with 150ml water and pour gently over the brew. Leave 48 hours and bottle.

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