(For 25 Litre Batches)
All Purpose Wine Yeast (5-25 litres) 1 25.00
NFP Wine Yeast Nutrient (for 25 L) 1 20.00
NFP Pectinase Enzyme (for 25L) 1 20.00
Campden Tablets (Pkt 50 pcs) 1 50.00
Wine Corks 40 120.00
25L Fermentation Bucket with lid 2 190.00
Wine Hydrometer - Glass 1 170.00
Grommet for airlock 1 5.00
Airlock Bubbler for up to 25L 1 30.00
Bellow Syphon 1 245.00
Bottle filler 1 50.00
Bottling Options (for applying corks):
Mini Hand Wine Corker 1 150.00
Twin Lever Wine Corker 1 435.00
The price of a complete wine making starter kit is R1075.00 or R1360.00 depending on the bottling option chosen.
Updated: October 2016.
Prices subject to change without notice

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